Crimson Audio Cables

The best audio cables are the ones you can't hear!

Crimson Audio Cables are the most transparent-sounding cables we know of. They're also extremely effective at noise cancellation. We've installed Crimson Audio Cables in countless hifi systems, and every time, the music is more tuneful and the timing is superb.

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Crimson Audio Cables are made in the U.K. and are imported to North America by Austin Hifi.

Ask about getting a demo kit from us or from one of our Crimson Audio Cable dealers.

 Crimson Loudspeaker Cables

Crimson Loudspeaker Cables are terminated with German-made M.C. connectors. E.T.I./Eichmann spade connectors are optional.

Crimson Interconnect Cables

Crimson Interconnect Cables are terminated with E.T.I./Eichmann Bullet Plugs.

Crimson Balanced Interconnect Cables

Crimson balanced XLR interconnect cables are terminated with Neutrik XLR connectors.

Crimson Audio Cable Prices

Single-Ended Stereo Interconnect Cables with E.T.I./Eichmann Bullet Plugs:

0.5 meter:$ 320.00
1.0 meter:$ 360.00
1.5 meter:$ 400.00
2.0 meter:$ 440.00
2.5 meter:$ 480.00
3.0 meter:$ 520.00

Stereo Loudspeaker Cables with M.C. banana connectors or E.T.I./Eichmann spade connectors:

6 feet:$ 486.40
8 feet$ 535.20
10 feet:$ 584.00
12 feet:$ 632.80
15 feet:$ 706.00
20 feet:$ 828.00
25 feet:$ 950.00
30 feet:$ 1072.00

Balanced Stereo Interconnect Cables with Neutrik XLR connectors:

0.5 meter:$ 457.00
1.0 meter:$ 537.00
1.5 meter:$ 617.00
2.0 meter:$ 697.00
3.0 meter:$ 857.00
4.0 meter:$ 1017.00
5.0 meter:$ 1177.00

Try a demo set of Crimson Audio Cables in your hifi system!

If you'd like to hear Crimson Audio Cables in your hifi system, call on one of the Crimson Audio Cable dealers listed below or email us at: or call us at (512) 236-9100!

Crimson Audio Cable Dealers

Acoustic Image
Studio City, California
(818) 762-1501

Amherst Audio
Amherst, Massachusetts
(413) 549-6171

David Michael Audio
Royal Oak, Michigan
(866) 961-4423

Eugene Hifi
Eugene, Oregon
(541) 729-8458

Hifi Logic
Maplewood, New Jersey
(973) 313-9080

Renaissance Sounds
Stowe, Vermont
(802) 399-2917

Ron Patrick, Audio Consultant
Woodbridge, Connecticut
(512) 236-9100

Venice Audio
Venice, California
(310) 437-0515

Wellington Audio
West Palm Beach, Florida
(561) 798-1059
cell: (561) 389-3455


What others are saying about Crimson Audio Cables:

...these cables seem to get out of the way and let all the goodness through without any nasties, which, from my perspective is exactly what a cable should do. They have all the timing correctness of the Auditorium 23s I was using (speaker and interconnect) but much more transparent, dynamic and quiet. I think I've found my cables for life. Everything sounds so right there's no point in messing with success and perfection!

-Jim Rebman, Boulder, Colorado


I'm playing LPs using a Crimson Interconnect Cable from the EAR 324 phono stage to the McIntosh MA6500 integrated amp. I also have the Crimson speaker cables bi-wired to my Castle Warwick 3s. Sound is stunning! Adding Radikal power supply for the LP12 was a huge step forward, and now this - WHOA!! Well done, well done indeed!!!

-Greg Swaim, Dallas, Texas


I have had several excellent hifi systems over the years; McIntosh, Linn, and currently Reference 3a speakers, SimAudio Moon integrated amp, VIP turntable with Linn arm and MC cartridge. Sounded great before switching to Crimson bi-wired speaker cables. The change was not modest; it was almost breathtaking! Would never have anticipated such a qualitative jump from cables (and my prior bi-wired cables were not inexpensive!

-Robert Pincus, Studio City, California